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Markers do not have independent descriptions in separate files, but are present in descriptions of other game elements, for example, in job states (more in Task Descriptions).

Markers are used to display special icons on the map, locator and augmented reality.

Marker description structure



   "TargetDescr": "ContainerPickUp",
   "TargetMark": "TargetQuest",
   "FromDescr": "Q4DropPoint"
   "FromMark: "TargetQuest",
   "IconText": "Delivery_mark",
   "IconTimerType": "Countdown",
   "IconTimerValue": 30


TargetDescr - the name of the target description at the end point (for details, see Descriptions of Goals).

TargetMark is the name of the endpoint icon description (for details see the description of the marker icons).

FromDescr - (optional) the name of the goal to the starting point description (for details see Descriptions of Goals).

FromMark - (optional) the name of the start point icon description. (for details see the description of the icons of markers).

If you have FromDescr and FromMark options, an icon of the initial point and the arrow that connects them will be displayed in addition to the endpoint icon.

IconText - (optional) the name of the icon text

IconTimerType - (optional) - type of timer on the label (Normal - normal counts the time from transition to state, Countdown - reverse, from the specified value)

IconTimerValue - (optional) - the initial value for the countdown timer in seconds.

IconTimerType and IconTimerValue parameters with the icon displays the timer in the format "min: sec".