Descriptions of materials

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Descriptions of marker icons are downloaded from the "*.json" files located in the "World\Materials".folder. Each file loads an array of descriptions, the file can contain one or more descriptions.

Materials are used in goods to indicate their fragility (more details in Product Descriptions).

Description structure


   "Name": "ExampleMaterial",
   "OverloadPoints": [
           "OverloadVal": 60,
           "PenaltyMinMax": [ 0.0, 0.0 ]
           "OverloadVal": 65,
           "PenaltyMinMax": [ 50.0, 50.0 ]


Name - a unique name for the material on which it can be referenced.

OverloadPoints - a list of overload values at which the material begins to get damaged.

  • OverloadVal is the overload value.
  • PenaltyMinMax is the range of damage in which damage is caused to a material at this overload value.