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Descriptions of marker icons are downloaded from the "*.json" files located in the "World\Products".folder. Each file loads an array of descriptions, the file can contain one or more descriptions

The goods are used in trade, for example, they are referenced by descriptions of bases for determining the assortment of purchases and sales (more details in the Database Descriptions).

Description structure


   "Name": "ExampleProduct",
   "MaterialName": "ExampleMaterial",
   "Icon": "GUI/Icons/Products/Food_Icon",
   "CargoBoxName": "Container_Food_Small",
   "PriceValue": 1000,
   "MassValue": 1000,
   "MaxHPoints": 1000,
   "TransportCost": 200


Name - the unique name of the product, on which it can be referenced. Requires an appropriate string in the localization data.

MaterialName - the name of the material description (in more detail in the Material Descriptions), determines the fragility of the goods.

Icon - the path to the product icon, which will be displayed in the store menu and on the HUD.

CargoBoxName is the name of the container description (for details see Container Descriptions).

PriceValue - sets the base price for the product.

MassValue - sets the mass of the goods.

MaxHPoints - the number of conditional units of health of goods - a decrease in xp proportionally reduces the cost of the goods.

TransportCost - factor affecting the calculation of the transport goods cost. The higher the number, the more money will be paid for the product in the place where it is accepted.